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Phase 28 - Mary Shaw


read this poem with a feeling of fear and feel the presence of Mary Shaw

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children only dolls
And if you see her in your dreams
You must not scream
For she is taking revenge upon all
Who had silenced her and made her fall
Sending out 101 dolls to rip out their tongues
So none of them will utter a single word again
Beady little eyes, turning every way you go
Leave them in the dark and you never know
Forever they wil place you down, in eternal sleep
With a picture of horror, your own blood will seep
And gone forever, she will take
All your loved ones and family
Beware of Mary Shaw
She's very angry
And whatever you do, don't appear scared
For she will murder you and leave your blood there
Her ghost is kept inside one doll
Dug from her grave, you will lose it all
Just don't say her name
Don't ask her why
She'll take your loved ones and she won't cry
Beware of the stare of Mary Shaw
Her spirit lives on

please solve this mystery by watching dead silence


Dan-E said...

dead silence kan..?best cerita ni.:D

Jamal Jdin Jr. said...

yup, apa lagi selesaikan poem dia tu.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

cuba selesaikan ?


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