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Phase 33 - Top 10 Teen Celebrities


In the past, a teen celebrity or a child actor was recognized on basis of how cute he/she was or how witty his/her catchphrase was. Today, the teen celebrities are constantly competing with each other and themselves- they sing, they dance and they have their own television shows. 

1. Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is best known for her role as Miley Stewart in the Disney show “Hannah Montana”. She has her own clothing line and has starred in a number of movies. Miley has also released three albums, namely, “Meet Miley Cyrus”, “Breakout” and “Time Of Our Lives”- all three have done immensely well. It has been said that she earns $6000 every day- making her one of the richest teenagers today.

2. Emma Watson
Emma Watson, at 19 is said to be the richest teen celebrity today. She is worth 5.7 billion dollars most of which she has raked in by playing Hermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter movies. She is currently studying at Brown University and is the face of Burberry.

3. Abigail Breslin
Abigail Breslin gained instant popularity after her role as Olive Hoover in “Little Miss Sunshine”. She is among the youngest female actors to have been nominated for an Oscar. As Bo in “Signs” and Anna in “My Sister’s Keeper”, Abigail Breslin has proven that she is here to stay.

4. Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning has been part of critically acclaimed movies like “I Am Sam” and “The Secret Life of Bees”. She has recently played the part of Jane in “New Moon”. At 16, she has done over 11 movies and has co-starred in sitcoms like “Friends” and “Malcolm in the Middle”.

5. Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove is best known for her role as Megan in “Drake & Josh”. She was also a part of the 2003 film “School of Rock”. Miranda plays the character of Carly Shay in the Nickelodeon show “iCarly”. Her debut album is due in April 2010.

6. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is best known for her “Wizards of Waverly Place” character “Alex Russo”. She has starred with Miley Cyrus in “Hannah Montana” and was a part of the Disney film “Princess Protection Program”. She recently signed a contract with Hollywood Records and released her debut album “Kiss & Tell” in 2009.

7. Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Dylan and Cole Sprouse are twin brothers who play the role of Zack and Cody in the popular Disney sitcom “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”. It has been said that the Olsen twins have signed a contract with them for their own clothing line.

8. Taylor Lautner
Born in 1992, Taylor Lautner has starred in a number of sitcoms including “My Wife and Kids” and “The Bernie Mac Show”. He is best known for his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga. This teenage heartthrob will definitely make a permanent place for himself in Hollywood!

9. Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato played the role of Mitchie in “Camp Rock” after which she gained instant popularity. Both her albums, namely, “Don’t Forget” and “Here We Go Again” have bagged impressive spots on the Billboard charts. As Sonny in the Disney show “Sonny With a Chance”, this multi-talented actress has proven that she has a bright future.

10. Emma Roberts
With an aunt like Julia Roberts, it’s no surprise that this teenager has become a part of the glamorous world as well. She has been a part of movies like “Nancy Drew” and “Aquamarine” and has many more lined up.



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